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Spinner Mall New Capital

Spinner project is a huge multi-use project developed by Radix Real Estate Development Company, located in the most vital areas of the New Administrative Capital. The project includes a unique mix of upscale shops, administrative offices equipped with the latest technologies, and specialized medical clinics, to meet the needs of different customers and investors with a payment system of up to 10 years

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Spinner Mall New Capital Location

The location of Spinner Mall was carefully selected to ensure easy access from all parts of the New Administrative Capital. The mall is located close to many important landmarks, such as:

  1. Government District
  2. Diplomatic District
  3. Cathedral
  4. Mosque of Egypt
  5. Central Park
  6. Monorail Station

Luxurious architectural designs:

Spinner Mall was designed in the latest architectural style, taking into account all the aesthetic and precise details to create an exceptional shopping experience. The mall is distinguished by its luxurious glass facade and spacious and bright interior spaces, which gives it a sense of spaciousness and comfort.

A distinctive investment opportunity:

Spinner Mall is an ideal investment opportunity for businessmen and investors, thanks to its distinguished location, luxurious designs, and the variety of services it provides. Radx Real Estate Development Company also provides flexible payment plans to suit different budgets. It is not just a mall, but an integrated destination that meets the needs of all family members, and provides them with an unparalleled entertainment shopping experience.

Features of Spinner Mall, the New Administrative Capital:

A vital location on the Amal Axis: The mall is located directly on the Amal Axis, one of the most important and active traffic axes in the New Administrative Capital, ensuring easy access from anywhere in the city at any time.
Proximity to residential neighborhoods and ministries: The mall’s location is distinguished by its proximity to the largest residential neighborhoods, ministries, and government entities, making it an ideal destination for shopping, entertainment, and work.
High population density: The area surrounding the mall is densely populated, which is an important factor in ensuring that large numbers of visitors flock to the mall on a permanent basis.
Nearby landmarks: The mall is located close to many important landmarks in the New Administrative Capital, such as:

  • The Green River: It offers stunning views of the picturesque green spaces.
  • The Government District: An important administrative center that includes many ministries and government institutions.
  • The Ministries District: It includes the headquarters of many ministries and government agencies.
  • Al-Massa Hotel: One of the most luxurious hotels in the New Administrative Capital.
  • The Central Park: The largest park in the New Administrative Capital, providing vast green spaces for entertainment and recreation.
  • The Mosque of Egypt: One of the largest mosques in Egypt and the world.
  • The Monorail Station: It connects the mall to the public transportation network in the New Administrative Capital.

Spinner Mall New Capital Design

The design of Spinner Mall New Capital aims to create a unique experience that enhances the pleasure of shopping and working, by integrating elements of creativity and beauty with practical functions. Radix Real Estate Development Company has been keen to cooperate with a group of the best architects to ensure the implementation of exceptional designs that meet the needs of customers and comply with the highest international standards.

Spinner Mall architectural design features:

Exterior facade: The mall’s facade is characterized by an elegant modern design based on a combination of glass and metal materials, which gives it a luxurious aesthetic touch. The facade also includes the “Plaza” area and large green spaces “landscape” that provide stunning views of the mall’s surroundings and allow visitors to enjoy quiet times outdoors.

Interior design: The mall’s interior spaces were intelligently and accurately designed to ensure an ideal and comfortable work environment, taking into account the needs of shop owners and administrative offices. The interior spaces are characterized by:

Harmonious distribution of units: Commercial units and administrative offices were distributed on the floors in a harmonious manner that ensures ease of movement between them, taking into account providing sufficient spaces between the units to maintain customer privacy.
Natural Lighting: The mall has been intelligently designed to ensure maximum natural lighting, giving the interior spaces a sense of spaciousness and comfort.

High-quality finishes: High-quality finishing materials have been used throughout the mall, giving it a touch of luxury and sophistication.

General design of the mall:

Area: The total area of ​​the mall is 20,000 square meters.

Number of floors: The mall consists of 3 basements, a ground floor, and 11 recurring floors.

Unit distribution:
Ground, first, and second floors: dedicated to commercial units.
Upper floors: dedicated to administrative offices and medical clinics.

Unit Sizes at Spinner Mall New Capital

Recognizing the diverse needs of its clients, Radكس Real Estate Development Company has ensured the availability of units in Spinner Mall New Capital with varying sizes, starting from 40 square meters. This caters to a wide range of investment activities and ensures that each client finds the perfect fit for their requirements.

Advantages of Diverse Unit Sizes:

  • Varied options for investors: Investors can select the unit size that best suits their needs and budget.

  • Flexible usage: The diverse unit sizes cater to various purposes, including:

    • Retail shops: Small and medium-sized units are ideal for apparel, accessories, jewelry, gift shops, and other retail businesses.

    • Administrative offices: Medium and large-sized units are suitable for the offices of various companies and institutions.

    • Medical clinics: Medium and large-sized units are well-suited for dental clinics, specialized clinics, and fitness centers.

Facilities of Spinner Mall: A Comprehensive Hub of Comfort and Convenience

Radix Development has meticulously crafted Spinner Mall in the New Administrative Capital to cater to every need and ensure an unparalleled experience of comfort and luxury for its patrons. The mall boasts an array of exceptional facilities and services, including:

  • Electronic Entrances: Ensuring seamless and secure entry and exit points.
  • Smart Systems: Implementing intelligent solutions for efficient mall management, facilitating services for tenants and visitors.
  • Smart Car Parking: Providing secure parking spaces and preventing congestion.
  • Reception Desks: Offering prompt information, guidance, and assistance to customers.
  • Elevators and Escalators: Guaranteeing effortless movement between the mall’s various levels.
  • Global Brands: Housing a diverse range of stores featuring renowned international brands and products.
  • High-Speed Internet: Enabling seamless connectivity and facilitating business transactions within the mall.
  • Equipped Meeting Rooms: Catering to professional meetings and gatherings.
  • Central Air Conditioning: Maintaining a pleasant and comfortable ambiance throughout the year.
  • ATMs: Providing convenient access to cash withdrawals and financial transactions.
  • 24/7 Security and Surveillance: Ensuring the safety of the mall and its visitors.
  • High-Definition Surveillance Cameras: Enhancing security and monitoring within the mall premises.
  • Generator Backups: Providing uninterrupted power supply in case of grid failures.
  • Modern Firefighting Systems: Ensuring safety in emergency situations.
  • Maintenance and Cleaning Services: Maintaining a clean and tidy mall environment at all times.
  • Green Spaces: Providing serene areas for relaxation and rejuvenation within the mall.
  • Dedicated Entertainment Zone: Offering a variety of games and activities for amusement.
  • Food Court: Housing a diverse selection of restaurants and cafes for dining options.
  • Postal Services: Facilitating convenient mail sending and receiving.

Spinner Mall: Competitive Pricing for Prime Investment Opportunities

Radix Development is committed to providing exceptional investment opportunities for its valued customers. This commitment is reflected in the competitive pricing of Spinner Mall units in the New Administrative Capital.

Key Highlights of Spinner Mall’s Pricing Strategy:

Comparative: Spinner Mall unit prices are carefully benchmarked against comparable offerings in the Egyptian real estate market. This ensures that investors receive exceptional value for their investment, considering the mall’s prime location, premium designs, and comprehensive range of amenities and services.

Flexible: Radix Development recognizes the diverse financial needs of its client Therefore, the company offers flexible payment plans that cater to individual preferences, including extended installments and low down payments.

Rewarding: Spinner Mall units present a promising investment opportunity with the potential for substantial long-term returns. This is driven by the mall’s strategic location, distinctive designs, diverse unit offerings, and comprehensive service portfolio.

Detailed Unit Pricing:

  • Administrative Offices and Clinics: Starting from 65,000 Egyptian pounds per meter

  • Retail Shops: Starting from 110,000 Egyptian pounds per meter.

Compelling Advantages of Investing in Spinner Mall:

Strategic Location: Spinner Mall enjoys a prime position in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, surrounded by a host of prominent landmarks and vibrant neighborhoods.

Distinctive Designs: The mall boasts modern and elegant architectural designs that exude a unique aesthetic appeal.

Comprehensive Amenities and Services: Spinner Mall caters to every need, providing a full spectrum of amenities and services, including security, central air conditioning, high-speed internet, postal services, and more.

Diverse Unit Options: The mall offers a wide variety of units to suit different requirements, encompassing administrative offices, medical clinics, and retail shops.

Promising Growth Prospects: The New Administrative Capital is witnessing rapid growth and development, indicating a strong future demand for commercial and administrative units.

Spinner Mall stands as an exceptional investment opportunity, combining a prime location, unparalleled designs, and a comprehensive range of amenities and services, all at competitive prices. With its strategic positioning in the heart of Egypt’s thriving new capital, Spinner Mall is poised to deliver exceptional value appreciation for discerning investors.

Convenient Booking and Installment Plans at Spinner Mall, New Administrative Capital

Radix Development is committed to making property ownership at Spinner Mall in the New Administrative Capital accessible to all. The company offers flexible payment and installment plans tailored to meet the diverse needs of its valued customers, ensuring a seamless purchasing process and alleviating financial burdens for investors.

Steps to Book a Unit at Spinner Mall:

  1. Contact Sales:

  2. Pay the Reservation Fee:

    • A reservation fee is required to secure your unit. The amount varies depending on the unit type:
      • Commercial units: 50,000 Egyptian pounds
      • Medical units: 20,000 Egyptian pounds
  3. Choose a Payment Plan: Radix Development offers a range of flexible payment and installment plans to suit individual needs, including:

    • Immediate payment: Pay the full unit price upfront.
    • Short-term installments: Pay equal installments over shorter periods, such as 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year.
    • Long-term installments: Pay equal installments over extended periods, up to 5 years or 10 years.
  4. Unit Delivery:

    • Upon completion of the payment plan, your unit will be ready for handover.

Advantages of Spinner Mall’s Payment and Installment Plans:

  • Diverse Options: Cater to the varied financial requirements of different customers.

  • Affordability: Designed to be easy on the pocket, not requiring large upfront payments.

  • Flexibility: Customers can select the payment plan that best aligns with their financial capabilities.

  • Long-Term Instalments: Offer extended installment periods of up to 10 years, minimizing financial strain.

Spinner Mall’s commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond its prime location, exceptional designs, and comprehensive amenities. Through its flexible payment and installment plans, Radix Development is making property ownership in the New Administrative Capital a dream within reach for a wider range of investors.


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Spinner Mall

Spinner Mall New Capital

MU23, Spinner Mall, New Capital

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